[Tweeters] Cinebar Peregrins

Clarence C. Lupo gos at tds.net
Wed Jul 10 22:08:36 PDT 2013

I was able to spend a few moments today watching the young peregrines practicing flying against the wind. For a creature that has only been flying for a week, they sure seem to have a pretty good grasp of aerodynamics! I'm guessing that by the end of the month, they will be working over the starlings at the berry farms in Mossyrock.
On a side note: a female bald eagle came down the canyon and got too close to where the young were on the rocks. The classic "Falcon Gentle" knocked more than a few feathers off of the bald eagle in a hard stoop and harassed her into hiding inside a cedar tree. Sort of like a jumbo jet getting tagged by an F16!



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