[Tweeters] Lake Sammamish State Park Geese Gone

Diane W diane_weinstein at msn.com
Wed Jul 10 10:41:49 PDT 2013

The state parks people had USDA Wildlife Services come in and kill all of the geese at Lake Sammamish State Park.

USDA Wildlife Services waits for the adults to molt and the babies are too young to fly to make rounding up the geese easier. They herd them into pens, and if they are still doing what they did in the past when they were killing geese in the Seattle parks, the geese are shoved in to gas chambers in the back of the USDA trucks. The gas chambers were not designed specifically for large birds like geese and they are too small for them to even stand upright prior to being gassed. Of course this is all done under the cloak of secrecy, so that people cannot see how cruelly it is handled.

I talked to the Lake Sammamish State Parks Manager and the Region Steward. I sounds like they have only made half-hearted efforts to deal with the goose poop problem prior to having the geese killed.

Humane alternatives do work and by removing the geese it only creates a temporary solution as other geese will move in. Without changing techniques and modifying the habitat, they have created an endless cycle of killing. As I have said many times, killing is not the only solution to every perceived wildlife problem.

Diane Weinstein

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