[Tweeters] Cowlitz County Indigo x Lazuli Bunting

Lyn Topinka pointers at pacifier.com
Wed Jul 10 06:28:30 PDT 2013

Thanks all who helped me clarify this bird ... an Indigo x Lazuli
cross ... I learned the bird is a "regular" to this particular field
... found a nice description of him by Russ K. from May 2012
Tweeters, and then again in July ... Russ even mentions that this
bird might be a returnee from 2010 ...

thanks all,

At 10:21 PM 7/7/2013, Lyn Topinka wrote:

>hi all ... today Gene and I went up to Yale, Washington (Cowlitz

>County), to the corner of SR-503 and SR-503-Spur ... yesterday

>Michael Hobbs reported an Indigo Bunting or a possible Indigo x

>Lazuli hybrid there ... this location is approximately 23 miles east

>of Woodland and I-5, and 40 miles north of Vancouver ... when we got

>there we could hear only birds singing way in the distance ... we

>used the Indigo Bunting call on our ipod and within a minute the

>Indigo Bunting flew into the field near the road ... this is the

>field south of the power lines ... the Bunting stayed there then for

>quite some time flying between trees and blackberry thickets ...

>most of the time he was vocal ... his song matched that of the

>Indigo Bunting ... there was a Lazuli singing off in the distance ...


>here's four pictures ... he's overall blue with white on the belly

>and streaks of white in the chest, has narrow white wing-bars, and

>some of the under downy feathers appear brownish or grey ...










>I've never seen an Indigo x Lazuli cross ... would crosses have the

>songs of one of their parents ??? ... if this guy is a cross could

>he have some nest-mates have songs of the Lazuli parent ??? ... just

>curious ...








>Lyn Topinka






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