[Tweeters] Krider's-like Red-tailed Hawk, Poulsbo, WA

Chazz Hesselein chazz at hesselein.com
Tue Jul 9 22:05:02 PDT 2013

Today, 7/9, at approximately 3:00 pm, I observed a Red-tailed Hawk
soaring near Central Market in Poulsbo that appeared to be a Krider's
Hawk. The ventral surface of the hawk was entirely pale except for the
patagial bar and tips of the flight feathers, which were dark. The
dorsal surface was gray to light brown with about 2/3 of the distal
portion of the tail a light orange-red and the base the tail white. I
did not have my binocular. The hawk disappeared as I fumbled around
with my phone to try to take a photo.

Chazz Hesselein
Port Orchard, WA

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