[Tweeters] banded rock dove

Barbara Miller bmill07 at comcast.net
Tue Jul 9 15:02:39 PDT 2013

There is a rock dove with a light green band on its single leg that has been
standing quietly for some time on a rock near my house. I think I've seen
it in the neighborhood over the past couple of days, although this is the
first I've seen it closely enough to see the band (and the fact that it only
has one leg). It's very tame, allowing me to approach pretty closely as
I've gone about various outdoor tasks. I am leaving it alone, but would
there be any value to anyone in my seeing if I can get close enough to tell
what, if anything, is on the band? Is there a place to which I could email
a photo of the bird (in case someone is looking for it)? I am in the
Crossroads neighborhood of Bellevue.

Barbara Miller

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