[Tweeters] Eide Rd shorebirds

Steve Giles giles.steve at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 8 16:45:02 PDT 2013

Hello all,

Just a note to alert any shorebird fans that Fall migration has begun. I visited the muddy ponds at the end of Eide Rd West of Stanwood last Thursday and Friday and found five species in addition to the resident Killdeer-LB Dowitcher, Greater Yellowlegs, Least, Western and Semipalmated Sandpipers.

I think this is a great spot to study Western and Semipalmated Sandpipers. No matter the time of day one can move so that the sun is at one's back and study the flocks. I arrived two hours before high tide on Friday and was able to sort through 400 Westerns and find a single Semipalmated and study it for half an hour amongst the Westerns.

Steve Giles


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