[Tweeters] Cowlitz County Indigo Bunting - PIX

Lyn Topinka pointers at pacifier.com
Sun Jul 7 22:21:20 PDT 2013

hi all ... today Gene and I went up to Yale, Washington (Cowlitz
County), to the corner of SR-503 and SR-503-Spur ... yesterday
Michael Hobbs reported an Indigo Bunting or a possible Indigo x
Lazuli hybrid there ... this location is approximately 23 miles east
of Woodland and I-5, and 40 miles north of Vancouver ... when we got
there we could hear only birds singing way in the distance ... we
used the Indigo Bunting call on our ipod and within a minute the
Indigo Bunting flew into the field near the road ... this is the
field south of the power lines ... the Bunting stayed there then for
quite some time flying between trees and blackberry thickets ... most
of the time he was vocal ... his song matched that of the Indigo
Bunting ... there was a Lazuli singing off in the distance ...

here's four pictures ... he's overall blue with white on the belly
and streaks of white in the chest, has narrow white wing-bars, and
some of the under downy feathers appear brownish or grey ...





I've never seen an Indigo x Lazuli cross ... would crosses have the
songs of one of their parents ??? ... if this guy is a cross could he
have some nest-mates have songs of the Lazuli parent ??? ... just curious ...


Lyn Topinka

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