[Tweeters] Paradise - Mt. Rainier

Dave Hayden dtvhm at nwrain.com
Sat Jul 6 21:42:47 PDT 2013

Sherry and I headed up to Paradise, Mt. Rainier today. We had great weather, few bird species, lots of snow, and watched a rescue. In the morning, we had a fox on the road by the picnic area just below Paradise. Paradise proper was a zoo and only got worse as the day went on. We hiked on the Golden Gate and Skyline trails, with more than 75% of the trails still under snow. On the way up the Golden Gate trail with got great close looks at GRAY-CROWNED ROSY FINCHES feeding in the exposed areas next to the snow line. On the Skyline trail we had many AMERICAN PIPITS. We counted over 20 Hoary Marmots, saw several Milbert’s Tortoiseshell butterflies, and dipped on the ptarmigan. I’ll have to get with Khahn Tran to learn his fancy chicken dance.
As for the rescue, two snowboarders came down a shute that had an exposed area where the creek came down. There was small waterfall that plunged onto a landing and then back down into the snow. An eye witness saw the boarders come down, and the first guy tried to stop, but momentum carried off the snow and into the creek on the landing. The second boarder managed to stop in time. Five rangers were on the scene, and after quite a while, both boys walked away.

Dave Hayden
dtvhm AT nwrain com
Centralia, WA

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