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Thurs. June 27 we stopped at Camas Meadows in Chelan Co. and tried for Least Flycatcher--not singing while we were there. We arrived at Lake Beth in ne Okanogan Co. Once near dark we saw a Pygmy-Owl and heard Flammulated Owl and Poorwills.

Friday we back tracked to Molson. After a quick tour on foot of the town we heard what sounded like an old world cuckoo calling from the marsh on the western edge of town. An odd place for a cuckoo. We drove to the Clay-colored Sparrow spot where 4 years earlier Randy Hill had taken a photo of a Clay-colored Sparrow nest. This year the Clay-colored was still in the same tree. We birded our way going east from Chesaw. Did not get the Alder Flycatcher reported a few days earlier at Beaver Lake area. Camped on the summit of Boulder Creek Pass and had a family of Barred Owls get carried away with their calls.

At 7 am Sat. morning we met up with Warren Current who knew all the hot spots in northern Stevens County. Pierre Lake and area was birdy and ended the day with 92 species just in the county. High-light of the day was Les Carlson spotting motion and seeing a Pygmy-Owl catch a large vole which was bigger than the owl. Spent the night camping at Big Meadow Lake with the Northern Waterthrush and breeding Lincoln's Sparrow in the meadow.

Sunday was spent all day in Pend Oreille County. Salmo lookout still had some drifts of snow. Birds seen were Boreal Chickadee, a heard Pine Grosbeak, and several Townsend's Solitaires near the top. Bobolinks were present near Cusick and on the way to Usk we had 3 Eurasian Collared-Doves. Black Terns and a Redstart were nice to see even if it was hot. Could not locate the Eastern Phoebe that was reported weeks earlier. Camped at Pend Oreille County Park that night.

Monday was heading through Spokane trying to not get separated in the traffic. A Peregrine Falcon was at the railroad bridge as we were leaving town and heading to Steptoe Butte. Rock Wrens and the view was nice. We tried for Burrowing Owls and Ferruginous Hawks in the hot temperature without any luck. Stopped by for lunch at Washtucna. A Barn Owl was trying to keep cool in the willow trees. Palouse Falls was even warmer, but had White-throated Swifts and a Peregrine Falcon. We nexted headed up to the Blue Mountains and found our only trip Steller's Jay at Godman Springs. Camped at Midway Campground and had Wlliamson's Sapsuckers just south of the campground. A quick lightning and thunder storm passed through an hour before sunrise.

Tuesday we were on Biscuit Ridge and found MaryFrances Mathis who put us onto the where abouts of the Green-tailed Towhees. Along Biscuit Ridge Road where one leaves the pavement was a Cordilleran Flycatcher. Stopped by Tom Lamb's hummingbird sanctuary and saw Rufous, Black-chinned, and Calliope. Also one hummer sounded like a possible Broad-tailed, but we never got a good look at it as it zoomed through the yard.

I must thank the whole crew for making the trip great with 155 species seen, even though it was over 100 degrees many times. The tradition toasting with buttermilk was started (thanks Barry) with half the birders declining the buttermilk part. Can't imagine why.


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