[Tweeters] Garfield Co. Avocets and Stilts

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Wed Jul 3 17:57:42 PDT 2013

After leaving the Yamauchi family reunion on Sunday, David and I headed into the stroke-inducing heat of SE WA, birding Columbia, Garfield, and Asotin Counties, following most of Matt Bartell’s 6/24 posting for Garfield. We didn’t see everything he saw, perhaps partly from an unwillingness to get out of the car in some dusty, oven-like areas. And, unfortunately, we do not carry reporting-from-the field equipment—there wasn’t even cell reception in several areas! Hence this late report—we just got home.

Notably, though, there were 4 Black-necked Stilts at the Hastings Hill Rd viewpoint, along with Am Pelicans and a N Shoveler. We hadn’t been down there before, so thanks, Matt! The American Avocet Matt reported at Lower Granite was still there—in fact there were two—on a small, rocky “island,” mixed in with the CA and RB Gulls. They were a little hard to spot with bins, as they blended in fairly well with the rocks. Also, at Lower Granite was a Lesser Goldfinch.

We had nothing else unusual, though we enjoyed code 3 Veery in Garfield along Pataha Crk Rd and on Couger Crk Rd and further along WB Nuthatch, also code 3. (Cougar Crk Rd is off Grand Ronde Rd, where, by the way it was 107, a new high for our car thermometer. The road ends at about 7.5 mi, though we didn’t go all the way to the end.) We are probably the last birding couple to get 100 species in each county, but with lots of hot-weather suffering, we finally did so.
Penny Koyama, Bothell
plkoyama at comcast dot net

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