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I can name every location I have gotten Tree here in Western Washington but Violet-greens I can not since I have seen them everywhere even in the middle of Downtown Tacoma and Seattle and up to the Mountains. Tree Swallows on the other hand I have seen them out at Spanaway at the Housing complex near watlmart at Mountain Highway, 13th Prairie Division, Nisqually, Chambers Lake both Pierce and Thurston Counties, Fort Steilacoom Park, McChord AFB Field, Green Lake, Union Bay Seattle, Capitol Lake Olympia, South Prairie Wetlands, and very rarely at My apts where I currently live which has a nice Riparian Pond and a nearby wetland lake that both have many trees the lake named (Charlton Lake) I also don't get many Vaux's Swifts around here maybe part of it is from what Dennis says about other declining Swallows I get very nice numbers of Violet-green Swallows during migration 10-20 once had 40, Barn Swallows are okay 5-20 estimated Birds can get higher at
times, the most Cliff I have seen here are 8 or so not really an area for them but I get them forging above my place since I live near McChord AFB which gets many, and Purple Martins have visited a fairly good amount of times better then Tree Swallows and I have never seen a Rough Winged Swallow here where I live at all well except once at the Charlton Lake but not above my Apts. Has for other Birds I do get Common Nighthawks that nest in my area so I do enjoy them at my Apts, I have also gotten Black Swifts once.

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I have had nest boxes in a couple different locations that were used primarily by Tree Swallows but also some Violet-greens.  The VGs seemed to prefer cooler/moister/more shaded sites.  Perhaps there current location is more to their preference.
Also, we have been here for more than 20 years and the number of nesting Tree Swallows has declined as the vegetation in the area has matured.  We also seem to have lost the Barn Swallows. 
Despite how it might appear to us, habitat is not all that static.   

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Hi Tweets I have a question I have a very marshy lake near my apts with lots of Dead trees and some nest-boxes but I don't have Tree Swallows now when I lived in Spanaway I had Tree Swallows at my neighborhood and it had no great habitat for them I also have seen them at my Step-Grandparents place where they do have a retention pond behind there yard but no next boxes and dead trees I just don't understand it since I try and follow up with Habitats on birds. Here where I live now I have lots of Violet-green Swallows not sure if they keep Tree Swallows away cause I also have seen them in Spanaway I also have Barn Swallows, Cliff Swallows, and occasionally get Purple Martins more times then Tree Swallows which if funny but if you can answer this question it would help.
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