[Tweeters] Goldfinch: injured or sick?

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Looks like how some pine siskin's look when they get sick from salmonella .
Also they way you describe it's not being afraid . but someone with more
expertise may come along with another idea.

Hoping that all will be well

Lynn Tjerne

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When I first spotted the American Goldfinch at the feeder I thought it might
be a fledgling. But I knew something wasn't right and, I thought to myself,
a young goldfinch is more cinnamon colored than yellow-grey.

As I got a closer look, I could see that there was a dullness to her eyes,
her feathers were soiled (perhaps with blood?), and she remained puffed up
and hunched throughout the visit. And while I don't actually "hope" that she
is injured, I would prefer it to her being ill and infecting the whole

It's the puffy eyes that have me worried. Has anyone ever know an injured
bird to have puffy eyes? I have only seen it in infected birds before. If
this is the beginning of a virus going though my flocks, I know I'll need to
pull my feeders pronto.

See photos here:

Thanks, y'all. km

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