[Tweeters] Goldfinch: injured or sick?

Kimberly Mason kim at almostdailynews.com
Tue Jul 2 08:11:24 PDT 2013

When I first spotted the American Goldfinch at the feeder I thought it
might be a fledgling. But I knew something wasn't right and, I thought
to myself, a young goldfinch is more cinnamon colored than yellow-grey.

As I got a closer look, I could see that there was a dullness to her
eyes, her feathers were soiled (perhaps with blood?), and she remained
puffed up and hunched throughout the visit. And while I don't actually
"hope" that she is injured, I would prefer it to her being ill and
infecting the whole flock.

It's the puffy eyes that have me worried. Has anyone ever know an
injured bird to have puffy eyes? I have only seen it in infected birds
before. If this is the beginning of a virus going though my flocks, I
know I'll need to pull my feeders pronto.

See photos here:

Thanks, y'all. km

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