[Tweeters] Weekend in Okanogan & Ferry Co mostly [some possible Alder Flycatcher followup &c]

Matt Bartels mattxyz at earthlink.net
Mon Jul 1 19:52:17 PDT 2013

Hi all -
A few birds from a weekend spent mostly in Okanogan & Ferry Counties --

First up, I may have relocated the possible Alder Flycatcher reported earlier on the lists.
On Saturday I was up at Beaver Lake, and was quickly drawn to a Willow/Alder Flycatcher giving a very non-WIFL-like call note -- a 'peep' rather than the usual Willow Flycatcher 'whit' --
Unfortunately, no 'fee-bee-o' calls were given in the hour or so I watched. Still, I think there's potential, I just don't know enough about how particularly definitive the call note I observed was.

I was able to make a few audio recordings using an ipod touch, and have put them up on a dropbox site -- if anyone is interested and wants to listen, just drop me an email and I'll share the folder. I welcome opinions --

A site I've found useful is Arch McCallum's site: http://www.appliedbioacoustics.com/Repertoires/Passeriformes/Tyrannidae/wiflalfl.html -- it gives examples of a Willow Flycatcher 'peep' note I was not familiar with that is probably the main thing to try to rule out.

Other birds in Okanogan [6/28 and 6/29]:

Big Valley Wildlife Trail outside Winthrop: Red-eyed Vireo, Purple Finch, and a Least Flycatcher, about 2 miles down the trail

I was unable to relocate the Northern Hawk Owl found at the WOS Conference a bit north of Roger Lake -- but I believe someone else has since reported it on e-bird, so it is still up there! I did manage to enjoy extended looks at a pair of Pine Grosbeaks that joined a flock that came in to my Northern Pygmy-Owl tape playing.

Bolster Rd. outside Chesaw - good for Northern Waterthrush, cooperating for great views.

After birding Big Tree Wildlife area near Lost Lake, a huge storm came crashing through and the high winds blew down trees across many roads in a pretty localized area -- took a couple hours of detouring to figure out a way around an onwards -- odd.....

Dusky Grouse on N. Siwash Creek Rd w/ 3 youngish chicks following.

Ferry County:[Sunday 6/30]

Least Flycatcher - 2 locations - 1 outside Curlew, on Kettle River Rd. che-bekking away - 0.6 mi west of SR 21. A second along SR 21 at the Gold Creek intersection, on the east side of the road -- both had been ebirded recently, so there should be easy maps available to find these spots. Also had Northern Waterthrush and Veery in this stretch of road-- nice new place for me!

Pine Grosbeak - one up at Sherman Pass [the campground is closed up there, incidentally, for tree removal due to budworm]

American Redstart - only found one all weekend, an adult male at Bridge Creek Rd. bridge just off SR 21 in the Sanpoil Valley.

Williamson's Sapsucker - along Silver Creek Rd., about a half mile south on Hellsgate/9-mile Rd. Relatively tough bird for Ferry county.

The ferry at Keller is set to close from July 8-mid August, so if you are planning a trip up or down the Sanpoil Valley expect to take some roundabout routes to get in & out.

Add to the weekend's list a look at the continuing Lincoln County Clay-colored Sparrow at the corral on 7 mile rd west of Davenport, looks at one Flammulated Owl and 'listens' to many in a night of owling in Kittitas and Chelan Counties around Blewett Pass [FR 9705 outside Liberty in Kittitas, Old Blewett Pass Rd. in Chelan], 2 moose and one bear cub, and I think it counts as a good weekend.

Matt Bartels
Seattle, WA

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