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Wed Jan 30 21:35:43 PST 2013

While diving happens, for one reason or another, at all times of the year, now is beginning of Anna's peak mating season. Best days for seeing this (at this time of year) are when the sun breaks through and the light catches the magenta of their gorgets.

chuck reinsch
magnolia, seattle, wa
creinsch at humbirds.org
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I just happened to look out towards Discovery Bay this morning and in my view was a hummingbird on it's way straight up and then plunging down. I had no binoculars handy and saw him do this twice. The only hummers at the feeder right now are the Anna's, so should I assume this was an Anna's doing this? I've only observed the Rufus doing this in the past.

Diana Cummins
Port Townsend, WA


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