[Tweeters] Huge Bunch of Dead Crows/Dallas TX

Vicki vickibiltz at gmail.com
Wed Jan 30 09:45:37 PST 2013

I found this on the Kansas birding digest and had to share...

> A true 'murder' of crows...this is a "true" story via my friend who works for the State of Texas


> Well, we had an interesting report made, during our staff meeting this morning. The Project Manager told us that some 200 crows had died on a roadway up near Dallas. Some folks reported it to the State, as the dead birds were all found in one small part of this stretch of road. Figured it might be poisoning or a bird disease of some sort, so the State called in a bird expert to investigate.


> Apparently, he found that slightly better than 90% of the birds had been killed by the impact commonly caused by large semi trucks; the other almost 10% killed by impact seen when a car collides with them. He pointed out that crows never feed without a sentry bird, and that these crows were killed by passing vehicles, as they attempted to eat something from the roadway. Apparently, he said, the sentry bird could say "CAW", but couldn't say "Twuck"

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