[Tweeters] Off topic: Australia 2012 trip report

Stefan Schlick greenfant at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 29 20:52:41 PST 2013

I don't usually put my own trip reports out on OBOL/Tweeters if the travel destination doesn't relate to OR/WA. But recently I received a lot of encouragement from fellow birders to do so. Also, I've benefited myself greatly in the planing of several of my trips from trip reports posted on travellingbirder.com, but it looks like that site has been shut down for good and there is no adequate replacement for it yet. What a shame! I've also read other folks trip reports posted on OBOL/Tweeters with great excitement. So much so that after reading the report on OBOL I ran an almost exact copy of Chuck Gates chicken trip to CO and KS a few years ago. Dan Logan's amazing pictures of his recent trip posted on Tweeters made me realize that there is still so much to see out there.
So, if interested, start at my blog: http://birdmeister.wordpress.com. There are also plenty of pictures.
Stefan SchlickHillsboro, OR

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