[Tweeters] LITTLE BUNTING Location Information

Craig Tumer craig at greatskua.com
Tue Jan 29 20:14:51 PST 2013


As Alan Contreras and others have already posted today, the LITTLE
BUNTING was refound this morning near the spot where it was found late
yesterday afternoon. Just after 9:00 this morning, Kyle Bratcher
relocated the bunting along the alley that runs north-south between
Williams Ave and Joseph Ave. This alley is west of N College Street and
east of N Lake Street. At this location there, are two tube feeders
between a brown house and the alley. The Little Bunting was seen
briefly deep within the dense shrub thicket on the south side of the
brown house.

Approximately an hour or so later, Trent Bray relocated the Little
Bunting in trees behind a yellow house located at the corner of S
College Street and E 1st Street. Feeders behind this house can be seen
from the alley that runs north-south between Williams Ave and E 1st

There are numerous other feeders in the immediate area, but we never
actually saw the Little Bunting at any of the feeders.

I've created a map (see the following link) that shows the locations
where the bunting was observed yesterday and early this morning.


Other fun birds in the area included Common Redpolls, Pygmy Nuthatches,
Mountain Chickadees, a Cassin's Finch, and Evening Grosbeaks among the
more common feeder visitors.

Good luck to all who decide to look for the Little Bunting.

Craig Tumer

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