[Tweeters] Eagle nest being constructed near Issaquah Costco

Tom Munsch tommunsch at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 29 11:54:22 PST 2013

   On Sunday, as I was exiting east from the Issaquah Costco, I noticed what seemed to be a large nest in the trees beyond the Pickering Barn. I had my bins so I drove into the Pickering Barn parking lot and saw a white eagle's head above the rim of the nest. As I watched, another eagle arrived with a stick which it passed to the waiting eagle.
     I assume this is a new nest because it is readily visible from heavily traveled SE 56th St and I had not noticed it before. I checked with some local birders and they had not noticed it either.
     The nest is very close to the location of the Issaquah Farmers Market which will open in April. I hope the eagles are able to resist the creeping urbanism because the nest would provide a close and accessible viewing resource.

The location of the nest can be seen by copying and pasting (47.550377,-122.047446) into https://maps.google.com/

Tom Munsch
tommunsch at gmail dot com

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