[Tweeters] request for birding guide/tips for Big Island, HI

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Last winter I did long day trip with Hawaii Forest & Trail (link below).
They offer a bunch of different tours but two that focus specifically on
birding. The one I wanted to go on was booked: Hakalu Forest NWR. Access to
Hakalu is limited so going with a guide is probably the best bet.

I ended up taking the Rainforest and Dryforest Birding Adventure and didn't
regret it. It's a very long day (leave early AM and get back after early
evening) but well worth it. Among others, we saw Hawaii Elepaio, Amakihi,
Akipolaaui, and I'iwi. The trip had less hiking than I prefer but did
include one nice hike off the saddle road that took us across lava flows to
a "kipuka".an older forested area surrounded by younger lava flows. The
group was relatively small (I think six people plus me and the guide). The
guide was awesome. He knew the birds but also lots about plants/trees and


Mason Flint

Bellevue, WA

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Subject: [Tweeters] request for birding guide/tips for Big Island, HI

Hi Tweeters,
Do any Tweeters have advice or recommendations for a good birding guide on
the Big Island of Hawaii? I'm on the beautiful and amazing Big Island for a
week and the birds are incredible. Would love to go on a guided birding tour
since there are so many birds I do not know.

Please reply to my personal email: fearlessfew at gmail.com
<mailto:fearlessfew at gmail.com>
Thank you!

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