[Tweeters] Ballard Bubo "B" + 1/24-25, 2013

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Mon Jan 28 05:17:33 PST 2013

Another 2 visits to Ballard, last Thur. and Fri. On Thur., found Snowy "B" (with help from other viewers) at the top of the same tree I'd seen it in on Tues. Bob & Joyce Gordon were with me this time. From 4- 4:30 we watched this owl prepare and go off to Sunset Hill Pk, where it kept changing its position atop a topped Douglas fir on the southern edge of the park. When it finally flew off toward the water, it met up and tangled briefly with, Snowy "A" who had flown in from the north and then they both settled on the breakwater again. The rain drove us off to Anthony's below.

The next day, in the welcome sun that appeared in the afternoon, Bob & Joyce went over again to see the owls, this time with their spotting scope. They had a long line of passersby with whom they graciously shared scope views of the two Snowy Owls that were moving around from tree to rooftop to different tree. One of the owls appeared to be more aggressive than the other, but there was no major skirmish. 2 of Bob's digiscoped photos are included in my Flickr set of these 2 visits:


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