[Tweeters] Nothing Spectacular but 3 great birds in one day.

Rob Conway robin_birder at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 28 00:07:47 PST 2013

My partner and I walked the dike near Cottonwood Beach in Washougal this morning. There were at least 4 and I think 5 Belted Kingfishers, flying, fishing, calling and really having an active time. I thine heard another Belted, but couln't locate him in the tree I thought he was sitting in. Suddenly a Steller's Jay popped around the side of the tree trunk and did a perfect Belted Kingfisher flying call , though he was sitting still and modulating his own voice. Returning home I had a really cute line of 3 Saw-Whet Owls lined up along a limb just a few feet from my deck - they looked like stuffed animals. The final good bird(s) were 2 Pileated, 2 RB Sapsuckers, 3 Northern Flickes, 2 Howny, 1 Hairy woodpeckers all working the same dead tree up the hill from me - I'm guessint it is hatch or critical growth for the large grubs they were pulling out. I also saw cooperation between two Red Breaseted Nuthatches in the tree leadin them to pull out not one, not two, but three big grubs. I know have to measure the tree to make sure if it falls in the worst possible was that is won't hit my house...it is a goner and deteriorating fast. I also have a Stellers Jay coming to my deck for peanuts that has a very tall crest that is topped with a white line. He also has extensive white stripes behind each eye. Rob

Rob Conway
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