[Tweeters] Bluetail, Brambling and White-winged Crossbills

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Great report, Marcus.

Last weekend in Concunully with Ken's class, Faye and I finally got White-Winged Crossbills, which were our nemesis bird! Now I supposed we'll see them everywhere.


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Hi Tweets,

Heather and I made the trek to the birding Mecca of Vancouver and had a trifecta. While always drizzling, the heavy rain never quite materialized, but it kept the light conditions pretty low.

>From Tacoma, it took us exactly 3 hours, which included a very light border crossing to get to

Queens Park. We parked at the parking lot at 1st St and 4th Ave on the west side of the park. The Bluetail was seen in the same area it has been reported in, just walk about 100 meters northeast to near the picnic shelters and under the tall tree canopy. The bird moved constantly and spent most of the feeding time on the ground, on the bases of large Cedar trees or on fallen logs. It is really a very spiffy bird.
To add a new spot into the Vancouver circuit, go to Burnaby Lake Nature House, about 15 minutes NNW of Queen's Park. We went around the west side via Kensington, Winston and to the end of Piper Street. There is a large flock of at least 25 White-winged Crossbills feeding in the large Sitka Spruce. From the parking lot take the well signed trail 1.2 km to the Spruce Loop trail. We found the birds in the far NE corner. There is also a nice boardwalk out to the end of a spit to check out the water birds. A fly by Merlin was a nice bonus.
Went to the Brambling site in the alley behind 868 W 17th. Spent about 15 minutes before it popped up onto the feeder - very nice.
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Marcus Roening
Tacoma. WA
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