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Please send this info to Seattle Audubon, as they have connections and have conservation aspect as well as education.

The Washington Bird Listserv <tweeters at u.washington.edu> would be a good place to post this info and ask for help as well.

I'll try to think of other organizations after I get back from vacation Feb 2.


PS> Don's email is gonatives at gmail.com.

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Subject: 43 Story tower/ Giant mirror of the sky
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Date: Wednesday, January 23, 2013, 9:53 PM

Hi Everyone -
Here's an email I just received that I think voices legitimate concerns.  What can/has been done to deal with bird strikes in tall buildings?  What, if anything, can be done now?


I just saw a picture of a skyscraper which will be built in Seattle next fall, featured in the on-line Seattle Times (January 23, 2013). The structure creates a giant reflection of the sky. As a part of the Pacific Flyway I’m surprised to see the tallest building in twenty years (in Seattle), be approved without thought to bird mortality. It looks so reflective I fear dead birds careening out of the sky from collisions, on a regular basis. What do you think, are there Audubon folks who might want to share these concerns with the powers that be in Seattle? Any other suggestions? The article is titled, “660 Foot Tower” ….. planned at Fifth and Columbia.

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