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Great photos of the Saw-whet, Tim. Really special.

As I imagined it:

Twenty minutes later, following a brief shower, the half awake neighbor started his engine, oblivious to the sleeper, turned on his wipers and following a few disorienting cycles, the owl flew off a little wobbly- and last Saw-dry.

Dan Reiff

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Hi, Tweeters -

So I was leaving for work on my bike this morning, glanced up the street to check for traffic, and spotted something small and brown on the windshield of our neighbor's Jeep. I put down my bike, walked slowly up the sidewalk, and it turned out to be a Northern Saw-whet Owl, just sitting there on the windshield wiperblade. WOW!

Attached are two photos of this unbelievably cute bird perched in a totally unexpected spot.

Tim Stetter
Seattle, WA - Hawthorne Hills

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