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Cricket birdnerd at inlandwireless.com
Thu Jan 24 06:58:44 PST 2013

Great photos but even more a great show.

He does seem to be preforming for the audience. Coyotes are extremely
intelligent, so I have no problem accepting that he knows you are there
and that he is being watched and I can even go as far as preforming for
you. But to what end? Can they make the leap to "if they enjoy the
show they won't shoot me" or something of that sort.

Or maybe this is just fun for him. Coyotes are at least as intellegent
as corvids who enjoy a good joke now and then. The southwest native
american culture protrays the coyote as the great trickster. Perhaps
this trickster is just a ham and cannot resist the lure of the spotlight.

So many questions and fun possibilities. Michael - Thank you for
sharing. Ollie & Dasha - Thank you for capturing such lovely pictures!

Curious Cricket
Cle Elum
birdnerd at inlandwireless.com

On 1/23/13 10:31 PM, Michael Hobbs wrote:

> Tweets -- I mentioned in my post from Jan. 3 that we had an amazing

> sighting of a coyote. I've put 16 fairly large photos on my website

> to give some sense of the wonderful scene.

> On a cold and foggy morning, with the sun just beginning to peek

> through, we spotted this coyote on the far side of the river, just

> above the weir. The coyote spotted us too, and for the next 5-6

> minutes, the coyote gave us a show. As you can see, the coyote was

> staring at us much of the time, and this show seemed to be somehow for

> our benefit.

> The first two photos are by Ollie Oliver, the rest by Dasha Gudalewicz.

> See http://www.marymoor.org/Galleries/2013COYO.htm to view the photos.

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