[Tweeters] Bufflehead Nuptial Behavior

Wyatt Hersey skateyono at gmail.com
Wed Jan 23 22:45:55 PST 2013

Hey there,

Two days ago I was on Mud Bay in Olympia, WA and I observed various groups
of male BUFFLEHEADS performing, flapping, dipping, chasing and water-skiing
in apparent display to nearby females, as well as the defending of females
and chasing off of other males, basically strong nuptial behavior. I am
wondering, is it normal for these beautiful fowl of the water to engage in
such behaviors at this time of year?

Another story to add to the day was that as I walked back to my bicycle I
heard the agitated alarm calls of several CHICKADEES who were flitting
around in the salmonberry thicket I was near. I looked around for the
culprit and eventually was able to spot a RED TAILED HAWK perched on a tall
big leaf maple, the apparent culprit of the chickadee's exasperation, who
promptly dropped from its perch and proceeded to let out 3 cries as is
disappeared to the west. A beautiful treat and lesson for the day: always

Wyatt Hersey
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