[Tweeters] Bluetail; Brambling; and Mockingbird

Denis DeSilvis avnacrs4birds at outlook.com
Wed Jan 23 20:04:03 PST 2013

MaryFrances Mathis and I braved the rain (mostly light) to see the Red-flanked Bluetail at Queens Park, New Westminster; the Brambling in Vancouver; and the Northern Mockingbird in Bellingham - score(!) on all.

The bluetail is relatively straightforward to find at Queens Park: park at the parking lot at 1st St and 4th Ave on the west side if the park; walk about 100 meters northeast to near the picnic shelters. We saw the bird to the west of the shelters under the tall tree canopy. It frequented the shrubs or the ground nearby. A tip of the birding hat to Roger Foxhall or Vauxhall (777 ABA species) for alerting us to where he saw the bird; we then joined forces with the few other birders there to track it down. And another tip to Ann Marie Wood for parking and other directions.

We followed Doug (from Tacoma) to the Brambling site, and as noted by Brian Bell, found it in the shrubbery/bushes in the alley behind 868 W 17th. Very easy find! (Roger told us that 4 Bramblings were in BC!)

Getting back to the border was an adventure (took 4 gas station stops for directions because the Nokia maps was recalcitrant (or my attempts to plot the course weren't working)). However, the Northern Mockingbird was (relatively) easily found just off the freeway in Bellingham in a tree in front of 1426 Humboldt St. We were almost ready to give up due to deteriorating weather conditions when MaryFrances spotted the bird (we were in the alley behind the house at the time she saw it).

We drove around the Fir Island area trying to find the Gyrfalcon but dipped on it.

All in all, a fine day with good birds and equally good conversation and fun.

May all your birds be identified,

Denis DeSilvis
avnacrs4birds at outlook.com

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