[Tweeters] Sooty Shearwater at the locks.

Dan Hughes danhuseattle at gmail.com
Wed Jan 23 15:40:43 PST 2013

Hi, I was attracted by a couple hundred Mew Gulls heading west as I crossed
the spillway toward Magnolia. I decided to follow them to observe them
wheeling around the little bay to the west of the railroad bridge. By the
time I got to the lookout bench next to said railroad bridge I found the
gulls lined up on the length of wooden structures off shore. It was not
long till they took flight milled around. As they began to come close to
the structures they were resting on earlier I heard a loud, shrill call. I
soon found a dark bird on the railing. It called three or four more times,
each time a gull came close to it. Finally it took flight, I said to
myself, Thats the first Sooty Shearwater I've seen,. This was yesterday,
the 22d at about 2:30 PM. It flew around a couple of times, a beautiful
bird than it moved out of sight (behind trees) to the west. Looked to me
like it was interested in finding a peaceful place to sit back down.
After learning enough to know this would be a rare sighting, I checked my
favorite bird references and am pretty confident that is what we saw. I
have a recording of the piercing call it made just before taking flight.
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