[Tweeters] Gull ID Help

Keith Carlson kec201814 at cableone.net
Wed Jan 23 15:00:54 PST 2013

This afternoon (1300) I had a couple of interesting looking gulls among the Ring-billed, California and Herring Gulls that are common at Swallow Park, Clarkston, Asotin County.

The first uncooperative subject refused to wake up for his photo, but was smaller in size than nearby Herrings and has a more rounded head.

The second was near a bunch of Ring-billed Gulls and was noticeably smaller/sleeker with a more rounded head and smaller bill. the RB Gull in the fore ground has the expected bill and leg color.

Each year we get a small number of gulls other than the RB, Calif, Herring group, but seldom in numbers sufficient to feel confident in sorting out the various cycles.

Keith E. Carlson

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