[Tweeters] Skamania county in a howling wind ...

Lyn Topinka pointers at pacifier.com
Wed Jan 23 14:58:33 PST 2013

hi all ... Gene and I also tried to "bird" Skamania County ... we
went yesterday (tuesday) and the winds were still howling ... we
didn't even venture out of the car but just enjoyed the wind rocking
the car back and forth ... we saw no Short-eared Owls, or for that
matter no Raptors of any kind ... we thought it would be kind of
exciting to watch an Owl or a Hawk get blown by us at 40mph ... but
all was quiet ... we saw a few Sparrows flying short distances about
6 inches off the ground ... and one brave Meadowlark tried brieftly
to land on a fence ... he actually made the landing and then left
again for the ground ...

beautiful country up past Washougal ... we went to the County Line
area specifically to look for the Owls ... I'd never been there
before ... such nice views of the Columbia and of the Cascades ...

Vancouver, Washington

At 04:48 AM 1/23/2013, Guy wrote:

>Hey tweets,

>As soon as I passed the county line into Skamania, from Clark, on

>Sunday afternoon, the wind was howling. It blew hard there the next

>24 hours. Was almost calm in Camas, Clark county ;) Dipped on SE

>Owl that night and Monday morning. Matt got one early Monday on the

>Clark county side, though, which I missed by about 20 minutes I DID

>manage to get a NORTHERN HARRIER in Skamania Monday afternoon. It

>was down on the ground, downwind of a hedge and I was crouched

>behind my car, with the scope as low as I could get it, still barely

>hanging onto it in the wind.

>Also found a TONWSENDS SOLITAIRE at Draino Lake, which was much less windy.

>Dipped on the Swamp Sparrow at Stevensville.


>Was a tad chilly near the river, in the wind. 30 degrees, 100%

>humidity, and 40 MPH wind.


>Guy Mcwethy

>Renton WA


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