[Tweeters] Re: 2nd Skagit Gyr.

zuckerbond zuckerbond at comcast.net
Wed Jan 23 09:24:08 PST 2013

Alan, Teresa, & Tweeters,

The fog did not keep us from seeing Alan & Teresa, or the Gyr! As they were
pulling out of the West 90 lot, Ira and I were pulling in. The Gyrfalcon
flew right over our car as we approached the W90, giving clear but brief
looks. Life bird for both of us!

Mary Bond & Ira Zuckerman


Zuckerbond at Comcast dot net

Subject: prob. 2nd Skagit Gyr 1/21

Date: Tue Jan 22 2013 23:44 pm

From: panmail AT fastmail.fm

Greetings, all,

The Gyrfalcon Teresa M. mentions us seeing 21 Jan., 2013, in Skagit County
was flying south fairly low over us at the west 90 (close to where one was
reported on the 19th), probably after 3 p. m. I would call it an adult
based on the gray upper surfaces and pale gray underside with some
horizontal barring visible. There were literally dozens of Short-eared Owls
between Edison and the west 90. By the time we got to the latitude of Fir
Island, the fog kept us from seeing even other birders.


Alan Grenon


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