[Tweeters] Bluetail

lsg at surfin-g.com lsg at surfin-g.com
Tue Jan 22 19:59:50 PST 2013

Monday my wife and I made the trip to see the Bluetail. We saw it well amd got some ok
pictures. One lady asked why do the call it red flanked? As you see the bird is doesn't seen
very red. I checked several other bird guides for asia and in those I have, it is called the
Orange-flanked Bush Robin. My old Clements Birds of the World checklist also calls it
Orange-flanked Bush Robin. Also all of my field guides for it's home region call it OFBR.
Maybe Red-flanked Bluetail is a new name it has been given, can some one help me with
this? Thanks.
Larry and Jacque Goodhew Walla Walla

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