[Tweeters] Fir Island Gyrfalcon Help Needed

Jeff jeffandsuekm at comcast.net
Tue Jan 22 19:00:16 PST 2013

If you were out on Fir Island Monday, the 21st, on Skagit City Rd, observing the Gyrfalcon between 2 and 3:15, I'm looking for you. I was out there myself and stopped to join the group observing the bird.

I'm hoping you were the gentleman with the Canon camera and the F-4 lens, I'm guessing 600mm, on a tripod. If you are, you may remember me asking about it's F-number.

This bird is a lifer for me and I try to get a photo for confirmation of all my lifers. All of my pics from that day are too dark to tell anything about this bird other than it probably is a falcon.

Here's the bottom line. If you are the man with the camera and you got a decent picture, I'm wondering if you would send me a copy. Clearly marked as your pic, of course. I have no interest in using it other than to confirm the bird I saw Monday as a Gyrfalcon.

Of course, if anyone else was there at that time and has an identifiable picture and is willing to share it with me, that would be great, also.


Jeff Mills
jeffandsuekm at comcast.net

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