[Tweeters] who let the starlings out?

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Before we moved to this condo, our house was in a wooded area. Generally, starlings would not come to our feeders. I assumed it was because they liked a more open area. Occasionally, however, one of them would get a sniff of our suet feeders and then they would come in droves. We would take down the feeders for a few days and they would quit coming. It would be several months before they returned.

The only exception to this was the one spring that we had a starling nest in one of the many holes we had in one of the decaying trees in our yard. That only happened one time.

David Barber

Vancouver, WA

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Not having any bluetails or bramblings to report, I'm writing about somewhat more common birds. Our yard has been pretty much starling-free all winter, but in the last few days they have descended on us, with up to 4 or 5 birds at a feeder at once. Our feeders are starling-acccessible because we don't usually have that much action from them, but they are in plague proportions now. And they seem to eat more and faster than any of the other birds. Anyone else experiencing this?

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