[Tweeters] Are the Snowy's at Boundary Bay or anywhere near Bellingham, WA ?

Teresa Michelsen teresa at avocetconsulting.com
Mon Jan 21 19:44:44 PST 2013

We saw many snowys (at least 15) in all plumages today from the dike between
the two main parking areas, mainly on the warehouse roofs south of the big
house at the point. Some were far out on the flats but the heavy fog made it
difficult to see those. There was also a Eurasian wigeon among a flock of
wigeons in the pond near the house, a couple of purple finches and an
Audubon's warbler along the dike along with many sparrows and juncos, and a
Peregrine falcon among harriers and eagles out on the flats.

Several of us again located the bluetail and the brambling for a good start
to the morning today. A stop in the Skagit Flats after Boundary Bay proved
to be our only sunny moment of the day and was amazingly productive, with
short-eared owls seemingly everywhere (including perched on fenceposts only
feet away), a merlin, many harriers, several roughlegged hawks, and a grey
gyrfalcon. Not to mention over 20 bald eagles in a single tree and more on
every rooftop. I'm going to have to let Alan give the locations of some of
these because he knows where we were going and I didn't ;)

Teresa Michelsen

Olympia, WA

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Bellingham, WA ?

Does anyone know if the Snowy Owls are at Boundary Bay this year? Or
anywhere near Bellingham, Wa? We are thinking of making the trip to see
them later on this week. Theresa

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