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Lyn is correct; this is the first sighting of this species in Canada, and only the third in North America outside Alaska. There are 2 records for California: one from Southeast Farallon Island (off San Francisco) in 1989, and one from San Clemente Island in 2011. Both of these are very hard places for birders to reach, so for nearly everyone seeing the New Westminster bird, it’s a new bird for their ABA list. In Alaska, there were 13 sightings in all up to 2008, all but one of which were from islands in the Bering Sea.

Much of this information is from the “ABA Checklist: Birds of the Continental United States and Canada” (7th edition, 2008). If you don’t have this book, it’s very useful for up-to-date summaries of the occurrence of accidental species in North America, as well as for many other things!

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hi ... according to captions on photos and online B.C. news coverage I've seen he is a "first" for not just B.C. but a "first" for all of Canada ,..


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Barry Ulman <ubarry at qwest.net> wrote:
Does anybody know if this Red-flanked Bluetail in New Westminster, B.C. is the first Red-flanked Bluetail to be sighted in B.C., or have there been others previously sighted?

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