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Jim Owens jimo at brainerd.org
Sat Jan 19 20:48:01 PST 2013


My wife Debbie and I spent most of the day on the Skagit and Sammish Flats today (Saturday) studying swans, Snow Geese and raptors. There were enough of each group to keep us happy. We found the juvenile gray-variant Gryfalcon at the same field reported by Sarah Peden and Kathleen Morley last Sunday, watching several thousand Snow Geese, a large flock of Trumpeter Swans, and a paddling of American Wigeons. The Gryfalcon lifted at one point to harass the AMWI, which quickly departed the scene. The field that apparently is a temporary feeding station for the young Gryfalcon is just to the south of 18402 Dry Slough Road, north of Moore Road.

We finished the day looking for the Long-eared Owl seen recently at West 90. Alas, there was a Peregrine Falcon, many Northern Harriers, Red-tailed Hawks, Short-eared Owls and a juvenile Northern Shrike at West 90, but no Long-eared Owl. Another West 90 birder reported seeing a Barred Owl on a post off of Edison Road, and was surprised to see a Snowy Owl flying over the field while the Barred Owl contemplated its next move.

Jim Owens
Mercer Island

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