[Tweeters] Re: [LCBirds2] Common Redpolls - N Richland, Sora - Pasco - and LATE BREAKING NEWS: American Dipper at Ringold...

Gretchen Graber gretchen.graber at gmail.com
Sat Jan 19 15:28:59 PST 2013

I was able to confirm the AMDI siting, just as described, in in-flow above
the bridge, having troubles loading pic. Will keep trying!

On Fri, Jan 18, 2013 at 5:55 PM, Tom Mansfield <birds at t-mansfield.com>wrote:

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> Kevin – Add to that excellent line-up an American Dipper (AMDI) that I

> found very late this afternoon at Ringold! ****


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> Inspired by Matt Yawney’s irrigation canal AMDI at Ephrata and with a tip

> from NancyL that AMDI was seen years ago at the Esquatzel Flume north of

> Pasco, I poked around upper Franklin County’s irrigation canals today –

> after dipping on your PUFI at Sacajawea (although I scored there 2 Brown

> Creepers, a local nemesis bird). I started checking along the river from

> Broadmoor, zigged and zagged back and forth finding access, checked the

> Esquatzel Flume and another further north on Columbia River Road, and then

> continued on to the Ringold Hatchery, where there is a tremendous amount of

> water spilling over that creates excellent looking AMDI habitat with rocky

> edges and matted grasses/sticks along the outflow. Alas, that flume was

> devoid of birds. Driving up the Ringold access road headed to back to the

> hotel, I noticed there was a bridge a bit to the north of the access

> road’s intersection with Ringold Road/Road 170. The flume that emptied

> at Ringold flowed under Ringold Road/Road 170. So, I pulled over in fading

> light and checked under the west side of the bridge but it looked too deep

> for AMDI. When I crossed the road and checked the east side, I found that

> another, smaller flume emptied into the Ringold Wastewater Canal after

> falling down a steep hill to the south. There were more rocks where the

> two canals met and sitting right next to a drain pipe on a big rock was the

> AMDI! There is a maintenance access road (and structures but no signs) so

> I walked over opposite the smaller flume and tried some photos but it was

> nearly dark. My guess is the AMDI will be there in the morning…and I

> probably will be, too. ****


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> Tom Mansfield in Pasco tonight.****


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> Sora is a code 5! A sora was heard last year November I believe and to

> get one this early is sweet! Way to go James! and Ivar for the advice! It's

> going to be a good year for Franklin County! Was the sora just before the

> actual entrance or the entrance where the bike trail starts?****


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> Kevin Black ****


> Richland, WA****



> Sent from my iPhone****



> On Jan 18, 2013, at 3:25 PM, "James Cleaver" <james.d.cleaver at gmail.com>

> wrote:****


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> Hi all,

> Had a great day birding. Started at Sacajawea Park looking for the Purple

> Finch, but couldn't find one. There were GC Kinglets, RC Kinglets, and

> Brown Creepers that were fun to watch. Ivar showed me during the CBC a good

> spot to call V. Rails. It is before the entrance to Sacajawea park, on the

> river side, where the grassy area is just before the trees start. Today I

> got some rails to respond again to calls I played, and a Sora came out in

> the open for some great looks. There was also a Marsh Wren present.


> I saw the Peregrine Falcon that hangs out by the Cable Bridge on the

> Kennewick side. There was a single 1st year GC Sparrow hanging out with WC

> Sparrows on Bateman Is. The surprise for today was at least 3 Common

> Redpolls eating Catkins on the Birch trees at 2118 Harris Ave. in N.

> Richland. They were mixed in with American Goldfinches and Pine Siskins.


> I still need Crossbills and a T. Solitaire for the year if anyone knows

> where they are hanging out now.


> Cheers,


> James Cleaver

> Kennewick****


> ****


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