[Tweeters] Red-flanked Bluetail

D Richardson d.lrichardson at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 18 17:37:36 PST 2013

The red-flanked bluetail showed up early, just after daybreak today, Friday, Jan 18, at Queens Park in New Westminster, BC.  It was easily seen by all those who were there.  I stayed only an hour.  Unfortunately photographers are making it hard for those who simply want to look at the bird as it feeds beneath the cedars and occasionally sits for good viewing on logs, twigs or tables.  Stalking the bird directly to get good shots is unfortunate so it is constantly on the move. The photos on Tweeters are fantastic.  Others don't need to try to do better.

Direction tips for those going: MAP QUEST the park.  When you get to the parking lot at the intersection of 4th avenue and first street, park the car and walk to the left about 100 yards to an area with picnic tables.  It used a wide area, especially being chased but kept circling around to the ground zero near picnic tables and play equipment.  You will probably see the crowds.

David Richardson
wohlheter2 at aol.com

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