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Fri Jan 18 13:43:36 PST 2013

More info and suggestions from Kestrel and me:
---------------------from me:

If you send photos, it looks the Snowy photos that would most help at this point, are dorsal (topside) tail views of the Ballard Snowies. Sarvey has plenty photos of their patient Snowy (the Cap. Hill one).

If you have dorsal tail shots of any other Snowies you've seen around Puget Sound, or even elsewhere in Washington State, taken after Dec. 8, 2012, you could also send them or wait until you compare them to any that Kestrel sends to me to post. Never know where the released bird might have gone...

Out of interest, if you can cc me with any photos you send to Kestrel, I'd appreciate it. Some of you have already sent me pics, thank you. No need to duplicate your efforts in my direction, if that's the case.

Here is what Kestrel had to say today, as of 1 p.m. :

---------------------from Kestrel:

I am glad to help.

Dorsal for the tail so I can see the barring.
No guarantees though and it might take awhile to get back to the people sending photos.

I agree about banding/tagging. I have been rehabbing for 30 years and have always wanted to
band. A long time ago I did a little telemetry with a couple of bald eagles and a bobcat.
It would be great to find out what happens to at least some of the birds that come through our doors. I will look into it!

The [Port of Everett] snowy had asper in the lungs, air sacs, polyps on several organs. Even if we had killed the fungus, there was so much of it in the body that it would have had to have been surgically removed. It could not be absorbed and would have been obstructive.

I am happy to see so many people care and actively engaged in the welfare of the animals we all share this planet with.


---------------------an additional note from Kestrel:

So far none of the pictures looks like the owl we released. Great photos though.
I am trying to get a photo you can post to help people determine for themselves.



So, I (Barb) will post a link to a photo for you all to use to compare with yours for barring, as soon as I receive it from Kestrel.

Thanks for any participation you have made or do make in this attempt to find the Cap. Hill Snowy Owl's current whereabouts.

Barb Deihl

North Matthews Beach - NE Seattle

barbdeihl at comcast.net

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