[Tweeters] Anna's Hummingbird Fights

Richard W. Mclachlin mclachlin at juno.com
Fri Jan 18 12:22:04 PST 2013

We normally feed 3-4 Anna's year around and occasionally a Rufous in the Summer. This morning three of our female Anna's decided to "duke it out" around the feeders, culminating in a knock down onto the deck where one of them "sat" on the other and proceeded to peck at her head. My wife finally lost her patience and went out to break up the pair. it has settled down a little now that the resident male "Mr. Magenta Head" has shown up to guard the feeders. Is this a usual behavior? It's a first for us.

Richard & Louise McLachlin
Newcastle, Wa.
mclachlin at juno.com

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