[Tweeters] Nisqually NWR - Jan. 16, 2013

Hills of Kalama - A & S Hill 60stops2home at kalama.com
Thu Jan 17 17:28:10 PST 2013

I made a quick trip up to Nisqually NWR (my first one since moving to
Washington) on Wednesday, 1/16, for an errand, but naturally couldn't leave
without exploring just a little bit. It was cold, and the sun was finally
peeking out after a long foggy drive north to the refuge.

There were plenty of MALLARDS in the pond at the visitor center, along with
COOTS and a pair of BUFFLEHEADS. Someone reported seeing an American Bittern
earlier in the day, but I missed it.

At the freshwater wetland outlook on the Twin Barns Loop trail, the bird
activity just exploded when the sun broke through. Three BROWN CREEPERS were
squabbling over the pickings on two trees. A YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLER was
hawking over the thin ice, and even landed there a couple of times. I saw a
SPOTTED TOWHEE gobbling snowberries, and a BEWICK'S WREN pretending to be a
Brown Creeper. A RUBY-CROWNED KINGLET challenged me to a festive game of
hide and seek. I managed to get some photos of him that were actually in
focus. For the first time ever, the birds were so close to me that I had to
actually back up in order for my long lens to focus. A heard a SONG SPARROW
in the thick brush, but didn't see it.

Two BALD EAGLES flew over so low that I could see the detail in every
feather. Another one flew just 15 feet over my car when I was loading up to
leave the refuge.

A few fun photos are here on my flickr page: http://flic.kr/s/aHsjDDfk7t

Amy Hill

Kalama, WA

Cowlitz County

628 feet up

60stops2home at kalama dot com

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