[Tweeters] Carnation Golden Eagle

Marc Hoffman tweeters at dartfrogmedia.com
Thu Jan 17 10:09:39 PST 2013

Hi Tom,

Thanks for the heads-up (pun? maybe!). I'm in Kirkland and planning
to drive out in the next couple of hours to attempt some photos.

Any sense of how nervous this bird may be? I'm aware it's getting a
lot of attention on this list and I don't want to stress it. How
close did you get, and did it appear to remain calm?


Marc Hoffman
Kirkland, WA
tweeters "at" dartfrogmedia "dot" com

At 09:54 AM 1/17/2013, you wrote:

>As of the time of this post the Camp Korey GOEA is perched near the

>top of a deciduous tree further west at 28408 Carnation Farm Road

>and scanning Sikes Lake through patchy fog.


>Tom Mansfield in Carnation headed east

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