[Tweeters] Red flanked bluetail and Long eared owl.

Fanter Lane fanterlane at gmail.com
Tue Jan 15 21:59:14 PST 2013

Hi tweeters,
Today (the 15th) my dad, Casey and I saw the Bluetail in B.C from
7:40-8:45am. What a beautiful bird, it was really cool to watch how this
old world flycatcher behaves when feeding! When we came back to Bellingham
Casey and I had to go to school so we split ways, and I got back for my 2nd
period class. With the Bluetail in my mind school went by fast and at 2:45
dad and I got back into the car and this time headed south to look for the
L. E. owl. We got there with the sun shining and had short eared owls
flying every where you looked (40+ total). we could not find a Gryfalcon
but enjoyed many raptors on the flats N. harrier Rough legged and Red
tailed hawks. Just before we were about to leave around 5:00pm Dad spotted
the long eared owl flying inn. Everyone got great looks around the
parking lot of west 90.
What a great day of birding, hope these two birds stick around.

Fanter Lane
Acme WA
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