[Tweeters] Common Redpoll - Meadowbrook Pond

Joe Sweeney sweeneyfit at mac.com
Tue Jan 15 20:29:07 PST 2013

Tuesday afternoon, about 2:40pm, 1/15/12, I got distant looks at a single COMMON REDPOLL at Meadowbrook Pond in NE Seattle.

>From the entrance on 35th Ave NE (between 105th St and 110th St), I walked into the small park and crossed the boardwalk to the eastern side of the pond. From the easternmost viewing platform (and looking northeast), I spotted a small bird about 100 feet away along the eastern edge of the pond. During a span of about one minute, it came down to the pond twice for quick drinks, then disappeared. I lingered for 30 minutes, but I did not spot it again. I wasn't sure of the id until I got home and downloaded my photos on my computer. My images are poor, but they do identify the bird as a redpoll (adult female, I think).

In the same area as the redpoll, there were at least 3 very active RUBY-CROWNED KINGLETS and at least one YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLER.

Just east of the park is a residential area, where there are feeders. Perhaps that's where the redpoll regularly hangs out (until it gets thirsty).

Joe Sweeney
NE Seattle, WA
sweeneyfit at mac dot com

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