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BobnBernie at comcast.net BobnBernie at comcast.net
Mon Jan 14 10:48:18 PST 2013

We bird with Mike Hamilton and are on the email list that Joyce mentioned.
The links below are for the 2 pictures he included that day along with
pictures of both juvenile and adult Bald Eagles. The Golden was there on the
12th as these pictures suggest. It may or may not still be in the area.



Hope others get a chance to see it.

Bob & Bernie Meyer

Renton, WA

BobnBernie at comcast.net

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Photographer Mike Hamilton has taken photos of a Golden Eagle at Sikes Lake,
Snoqualmie Valley, January 12th. There may be more than one Golden
Eagle in the area.

Joyce Meyer
Redmond, WA
meyer2j at aol. com

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