[Tweeters] Fir Island gyrfalcon & W 90 owls

Kathleen Morley kechu34 at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 14 10:37:07 PST 2013

Yesterday, Sarah Peden & I spotted the juvenile gyrfalcon on Dry Slough Rd., north of the intersection with Moore Rd in the mid-afternoon.  It flushed a large flock of American wigeons before landing on a fence post behind the blue building on the west side of the road.  Jim Owens & Debbie Dain-Owens joined us for long looks at the bird while it preened and sunned itself.

After this stop, we headed up to the West 90 where, in addition to the tremendous numbers of short-eared owls and other fun birding, we were treated to great looks at a long-eared owl.  Likely the same bird as was reported Saturday as it had the missing feathers on it's right wing as well.  It spent quite a bit of time in flight and came to rest close to where a group of us were standing and also close to the parking lot.

Kathleen Morley
Seattle, WA

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