[Tweeters] New camera, familiar yard birds, enough light

Joseph v Higbee jvhigbee at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 13 18:59:05 PST 2013

For several years I have wanted a camera with a long lens that didn’t weigh much, wasn’t very large and would produce acceptable photos for web posting. I tried several over the last 10 years or so but none were keepers, until now.

It’s still too early to know how happy I will be with the Canon SX50 HS, but after the first couple days of casual use in the yard, I have to say it is way and beyond any previous cameras of this type I have tried.

A low light camera it is not but given enough light it produces more than acceptable photos. The lens goes from 24mm to 1200mm in equiv. That’s 50X zoom. The image stabilization does a good job, allowing hand held shooting all the way up on a fair day. The image quality seems even across the range.

It isn’t a DSLR and won’t replace that type of system by any means but for a lot of uses I think this one may be what I’ve been looking for.

I have put a gallery just for this camera on my pbase site for those interested.


Joseph Higbee
Spanaway, WA
Mailto: jvhigbee at hotmail.com

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