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Semiahmoo Bay/Drayton Harbor is another great place to view (usually up-close and personal) three species of loons with an occasional sighting of the grail loon, the Yellow-billed. Feeding rafts of Pacific, Common, and Red-throated loons have numbered in excess of 2,000 individuals in March and early April.

Most of these birds will eventually make their way in and out of the channel between Semiahmoo and the Blaine harbor, both on the water and in the air. It can be quite a show.

Joe Meche

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Deception Pass is a known winter gathering spot for Red-throated Loons. Numbers
can range from a couple of hundred to over a thousand loons. For birders who are
new to sea-birding, whiling away a sunny winter day at the east end of Deception
Pass State Park's parking lot is a great way to learn to identify our smallest
loon as it flies. Most observations of RTLOs on Puget Sound are occasional
fly-bys. So Deception Pass is the best place to learn to identify them.

Carol Riddell

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